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Beautyocracy is a membership-based marketplace for discovering diverse and inclusive clean independent beauty from across the globe.


We help women – in particular, women of color - shop a curated selection of vetted up-and-coming independent brands and improve their beauty routines. And, we fill a gap in retail to help independent brands flourish and scale. 

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How does Beautyocracy operate for brands?

We operate entirely on a dropship model and hold no inventory. Our brands receive orders from us through an automated system, package, then ship the product(s) to the customer directly. We handle payments to the brand. 

How does Beautyocracy operate for consumers?

Customers shop our site as they would any other e-tailer. We process the transaction and take payment. Customers will receive all shipping notifications from us, but will receive multiple packages from each brand purchased from.

How does Beautyocracy earn revenue?

We take a commission on each product sold on our platform. We also offer monthly Premium membership subscriptions that provide frequent shoppers with additional benefits.

What types of brands are on the Beautyocracy platform?

All of our brands are independent and clean, with formulations that are free of parabens, sulfates, and other identified ingredients that are potentially harmful. They either new to the market or a few years old, have limited to no retail distribution, and have founders with values that align with our own. Regardless of their stage, however, our brands invest in quality packaging and branding and have identified their target market and brand identity.

Why do brands join Beautyocracy?

Beautyocracy partners with indie brands across the globe to increase exposure and reach to a unique customer base (consumers of color) as well as create online content and share high level data on customer behavior to help brands improve their offering.

Why would a consumer shop Beautyocracy over another e-tailer?

We take the work out of discovering new beauty products. All of our brands (from their packaging to their formulations) are reviewed and tested prior to being launched on our site. We also offer a 14 day no questions asked return policy and free shipping on orders over $50, which makes it easy to try new brands without worry.

Most importantly, we uniquely center BIPOC in the clean beauty conversation and embrace not just diversity and inclusion but also intersectionality. We are hub for all women of color - from Black to South Asian to Latinx to Mixed.


A unique merchandising mix of global brands and diverse founders with limited distribution in other retailers.

Each brand's packaging, formulation, and founder story & values are carefully reviewed prior to launch.

A 14 day 'No Questions Asked' return policy for all members, and a 30 day return policy for Premium Members.



Hi, I'm Auja Little

My frustration with the lack of diversity in beauty products on retail shelves led me to the web. Online, I found hundreds of independent brands that met my needs and finally, my narrative was at the center of the story. I felt empowered each time I discovered a new product with a clean formulation from a founder who looked like me - it was like scanning the sand with a metal detector and hitting gold.

Here was a treasure trove of diverse and inclusive beauty, yet somehow the retailers I patronized were still failing me. The pipeline has never been the problem - the limited opportunities that exist for discovering new beauty are. The right brand for all of us exists out there. We just have to find it.⠀⠀


That's why I founded Beautyocracy. Beauty is better when it's diverse, inclusive, clean, and simple. We're curating a marketplace that will improve the beauty retail experience for all women and we want to see smaller brands thrive and scale. We're here as a partner to early stage independent brands who want to grow with a retailer who truly cares about both sides of the equation. 



We carry over 100 products from 11 brands, and we're growing every month. See a snapshot of some of our brands and their impressive founders below.


Skincare / Body 


Malavara is a wellness brand that introduces the Ayurvedic principles of beauty to women everywhere through indulgent oils that are both natural and vegan.


Alix Turner & Tejal Engman



Nola Skinsentials vegan, plant-based skincare and cosmetics brand geared towards health-conscious Millennials and people of color.


Jane Ormon



image (1).png

Dehiya Beauty plant-based, vegan botanical skincare brand inspired by ancient Moroccan beauty rituals that champions inclusive beauty.


Dr. Mia Chae Reddy

Bathe Brand


Bathe Brand is a body and wellness brand that fuses plant potent formulas, hydrotherapy, and affirming touch to create sensory self-care experiences.


Tiffany Brown

Farryn Amber.jpg
Farryn Amber


Farryn Amber is a fuss free, high quality eco-luxury skincare brand inspired by Australia's Gold Coast. Even the packaging can be composted!


Farryn Watts


Skincare / Body

Becalia is a Mexican inspired, small batch, natural skincare and beauty company formulating premium products using effective natural ingredients.


Jazmin Guerrero


New Online Marketplace Beautyocracy Democratizes Indie Beauty For Clean Skincare Consumers Of Color


Black-owned beauty e-tailers launch with a focus on ethical brands